Yes, you have rights!  Everyone at GVHH does!

GVHH Rights and Responsibilities were written to ensure everyone's fair treatment.  We all have rights and responsibilities to each other.  By working together and respecting each other, we can have a truly wonderful co-op experience.

Teachers have a right to…

  • Have students arrive on time and ready to learn

  • Have a classroom setting that is conducive to teaching

  • Have the materials they need to succeed

  • Be treated with respect

  • feel that they are a valued member of the GHVV team

Teachers have a responsibility to…

  • Arrive for the day 15 minutes early to set up for class

  • Be prepared and ready to teach each class

  • Be in the classroom to welcome students at least 5 minutes before class

  • Provide quality, organized instruction

  • Provide feedback to parents regarding student performance via effective student grading practices

  • Report any concerns to the GVHH board.

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