Teacher's Lounge

Welcome to the Teacher's Lounge!  Consider this your virtual bulletin board of information, changes, events and more!  Check back often to stay up to date on all things GVHH!

How to Keep Grades

So you just received your new class grading sheets.  Now what?

Behavior Concerns

What can I do about behavior problems in the classroom?

Student Rights

Our students have a right to a positive learning environment.

I agreed to teach a class.  Now what?!?

Don't worry!  We are here to lead you through the process!

Teachers' Rights

Yes, you have rights!  Know them and give feedback to help us improve!

Need equipment?

Do you need a white board?  projector screen?  Reserve your equipment ahead of time to make sure you have what you need for class!

Looking for something? 

Tell us what you would like added to this page!


GVHH Meets at:

Grace Church

2731 Edgewood Street SW

Roanoke, VA 24015