Pre-School Classes

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Our pre-school classes are fun and educational, offering your child a chance to socialize with others their age while learning the basic building blocks that will prepare them for Kindergarten such as the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes.

Our pre-school is not a drop off service.  We ask that parents remain on the premises during class time.  A parent lounge with internet access and a nursery is available for your use while you wait.

Our Monday Pre-School Class

In our spring 2022 pre-school class, we will focus on exploring nature together with seasonal activities. we will introduce sign language basics and move our bodies with kid friendly yoga. We will also have lots of free play and story time.

Instructor: Rae Ehrlund

Class Time: Mondays, 10:00am-10:50am

Class Fee: $15

Our Thursday Pre-School Class

In this class, the children will learn through singing, playing and even doing some small experiments!  They will learn to write their names and learn colors and shapes. 

Instructor: Cheyenne Sforza

Class Time: Mondays, 11:30am-12:20pm

Class Fee: $15

Pre-School Free-Play

We are excited to officially offer our new pre-school free plays on Mondays!  These are supervised free play sessions that are available at no charge as a courtesy to parents while their school age children attend classes.

You still need to stay on the premises, but this allows you time to volunteer in an older child's classroom or just take some me-time in our parent lounge.

Pre-School Free-Play is only available to families that have older children attending classes. 



9:00-9:50am -Pre-school age free play with Tiffany Rigney*

10:00-10:50am -(pre-school class time)

11:30-12:20pm -Pre-school age free play with Tiffany Rigney*

12:30-1:20pm -Pre-school age free play with Krystal Hinchee*