Is GVHH right for your family?

We are so fortunate here in the Roanoke Valley to have many homeschool co-ops to choose from!  Each co-op is unique in how they operate and what they offer.  This gives you the opportunity to match your family values and homeschooling style with the co-op that best fits your needs.

Parent Participation

GVHH operates through the co-operative work of all members.  Each parent has a job, whether it's teaching a class or vacuuming the floors at the end of the day.  There are many volunteer jobs available and we do our best to match your volunteer position to your interest.  

Parents Remain on Premises

Parents remain on the premises throughout the school day and often are assigned their volunteer job during that time.   During their free time, parents are welcome to enjoy our parent lounge with free wi-fi and our nursery area if they have small children. 

Our Teaching Style

We believe in hands-on learning whenever possible.  We also believe that kids learn best when they are having fun.  It is not unusual for our classes to include games with prizes.  Some teachers will reward students for turning in homework or doing well on an assignment.

Food happens here! 

Our geography teacher brings in food from the region they are studying.  Our Spanish teacher brings in food from Mexico and Spain.  Some teachers bring in doughnuts just because.  Rest assured that food is not given to any class until all students have turned in an allergy form with a parent's signature.  Our school is a peanut free facility.

At-Home Commitment

While we do have a lot of fun here, it's not all fun and games.  We do expect children to complete their work and follow through on class related commitments.  At-home work is often required.  Our teachers work hard to provide quality instruction.  Families show respect for that hard work by honoring the time commitments required to successfully complete the coursework.

Class Size and Structure

We have a maximum class size of fifteen students.  Limiting our class sizes ensures that every student receives quality instruction. 


It is important to us that we provide a distraction free learning environment.  For this reason, we do not allow parents or small children to be in the classrooms during instruction.  Exceptions may be made due to learning disabilities or other concerns.  Parents may volunteer to be a Teacher's Assistant.

How would we describe the vibe here at GVHH?

We're a group of parents who love our children and want the best for them.  We enjoy each other's company and have grown to be good friends.  We are down to earth families that just want our kids to grow up to be good people with good values.  We aren't pretentious.  We don't have early graduation plans.  We love our kids for who they are now and who they will grow to be.  We take our children's education seriously but also want them to enjoy the learning process.

Our Membership Application and Registration Process

Families who are interested in joining GVHH will fill out an application that is reviewed by the Board of Directors.  If approved, the family may enroll for classes during the Tier 4: Open Enrollment period.

We have a four-tiered registration process:

Tier 1: Board of Directors and Teachers

Tier 2: Families with active enrollment who have completed the previous full academic year.

Tier 3: Families with active enrollment of the previous semester.

Tier 4: Open Enrollment

Does this sound like a good fit for you?

If so, the first step is to fill out your Membership Application!