Behavior Concerns

How do you discipline other people's kids?  Do you even have a right to?  Everyone parents differently and has different expectations of their children.  What if the parents get upset?  What if you're too strict?  What if you're too lenient?  How do you know where to draw the line?  Let's start with our Rules of Conduct.

Rules of Conduct

GVHH students are expected to:
1. Respect and be kind to others and their property.
2. Walk at all times, while in the church, unless instructed to by a teacher/volunteer during an activity.
3. Always stay with group/class. Do not go outside or leave building without permission.
4. Please help take care of the church facilities. Clean up all trash and leave church building cleaner than when you found it. We want to be able to continue using the church for our group.
5. Be prepared. Please bring any supplies or any assigned work needed prior to class.
6. Do not eat during class time. There are many children with severe allergies to nuts and dairy. This will cut down on the chance of them being exposed or having a reaction. Snacks are to stay with parents or designated area. Snacks can be eaten between class periods or in other room (for example, kitchen area or parent lounge) if can't wait. Also, please wash hands after eating, to reduce any chance of reactions.
7. Please do not talk or chat to your neighbor in class while the teacher is talking. Sometimes classes are large and it is hard for the teacher to talk over other conversations and you may not hear instructions or key points of the class. It is disrespectful to the teacher and the other students if you are being disruptive during class time.
8. Any aggressive behavior will not be tolerated during any class, activity or play time.
9. Please do not touch or play with any of the church's equipment or instruments, unless instructed to by a teacher or volunteer.

Discipline Policy

1st Offense- A verbal warning of the offense and a reminder of the rule.

2nd Offense- A younger student may be moved from his/her seat to another or parent may need to sit with child to help with child's behavior. Older students (12+) will be given a second clear warning and the parent will be notified of the offense.

3rd Offense- The child may be pulled from the class and escorted to the parent or assigned guardian for the duration of the class.

Enforcing the Discipline Policy

All parents are required to read and sign to this discipline policy, so rest assured that following the disciplinary policy should be expected and welcomed by the parent.  If it becomes necessary to remove a student from the classroom, the volunteer at the check-in desk can help locate the parent.