About Us

Great Valley Homeschool-House (GVHH) was founded by Genevieve Anthony in 2017. It is an all-inclusive unincorporated non-profit homeschool co-op that offers a variety of academic and extracurricular classes throughout the school year.  It is our priority to offer quality classes at a rate that is affordable to everyone.

GVHH offers core subjects of History, Science, Geography and Spanish, with optional elective classes.  Field trips are added to enrich the learning experience.

Elective/extracurricular classes and workshops teach skills like art, cooking, sewing, gardening, and canning etc. We take pride in our rich Appalachian heritage, as well as our American heritage. We also have offered "just for fun" classes like Star Wars.

Parents of students are encouraged to teach a session. The more volunteers we have, the more classes we can offer. Class Information and content will be given each term and parents can decide if their family wants to participate and sign-up. Class info and dates will be posted on our Facebook page and website.

GVHH's class fees are determined by its curriculum and supplies. Registration is by the semester at this time. Some curriculum may be used for the entire academic year. Therefore, the price of registering for the second semester will decrease for those families participating the entire academic year.


Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, We now offer two days of classes per week. Families can choose what class(es) and days best suit their family.

This is a co-op, and parents are expected to participate and/or offer a service, for example: cleaning, teaching, door/hall monitor, and check-in/out. Discounts are offered to those parents that teach (Which most co-ops do not).  We are not a drop-off at this time. Parents are expected to stay on the premises.


"I have created this group in hopes of bringing local and worldly culture, traditions, history and knowledge to our homeschool community. We want to allow our children to learn with a hands-on approach, incorporating projects, activities and manipulatives when possible. We want to have fun and learn at the same time. This is a very eclectic group. We aren’t trying to follow any one curriculum or style of teaching, it is all-inclusive". 

~ Genevieve Anthony, Founder

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors meet on a bi-annual basis.  It is our goal to provide excellent academic and extracurricular classes at a great price.

Genevieve Anthony

Genevieve is the Founder and Executive Director of GVHH. She is also the President and Treasurer of the Board of Directors.  Genevieve teaches multiple classes and especially loves teaching history.


Heidi Myers

Heidi is the Co-Executive Director of GVHH and Vice-President of the Board of Directors. She also leads as the Chairman of the Yearbook Committee.  Heidi teaches multiple classes, but Piano is her favorite!


Sherri & Freddie Wilson Jr.

Freddie and Sherri Wilson share duties for the Secretary of The Board of Directors. Sherri is the chief check-in/greeter and head of security.  Freddie has taught multiple classes including high school CPR.