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About Us

Great Valley Homeschool-House is an all-inclusive unincorporated non-profit homeschool co-op.  We offer both academic and elective classes to children from pre-school to high school. 

Classes and Activities


GVHH uses an eclectic approach to teaching and curriculum. Each semester may vary by subjects covered, depending on the needs of the participating families and those that volunteer. Core subjects are Science, History, Geography and Spanish. One to two field trips are scheduled per semester.

Our Yearbook

We do some pretty amazing things here at GVHH!  Our  yearbook Committee captures the best moments of the school year and bind it into a lasting memory!

Come have fun and learn with us!

"I have created this group in hopes of bringing local and worldly culture, traditions, history and knowledge to our homeschool community. We want to allow our children to learn with a hands-on approach, incorporating projects, activities and manipulatives when possible. We want to have fun and learn at the same time. This is a very eclectic group. We aren’t trying to follow any one curriculum or style of teaching, it is all-inclusive".


~ Genevieve Anthony, Founder